HOLO VR ZONE IS REALITY VIRTUAL MÁLAGA, we are the first arcade in Malaga had its beginnings in the Plaza Mayor Shopping Center at the end of 2016. Now we are in the middle of the heart of Malaga, in the middle of the three most important shopping centers of the Malaga capital as they are (CC Larios, Corte Ingles, and Vialia) an indisputable point of comfort for our current and future customers, they have easy access If you travel by train (Maria Zambrano Train Station), bus, or are walking in Malaga. Maybe we are the most complete center of Andalusia in terms of virtual reality systems and simulation systems, rooms adapted to be more comfortable and in private; Málaga begins to grow, people with ideas, with dreams, who are passionate about this world and who see the future of the video game here; That's why today we invite all of our client followers and future VR friends to meet and enjoy this Virtual Reality center. We thank all the people who have worked directly or indirectly over these years, in HOLO VR ZONE, for their effort and perseverance, to see the main Virtual Reality Center in Málaga grow. We emphasize the importance of learning and staying in the world of new technologies, for this reason we want to emphasize that our prices for the enjoyment of your experience will always be at an equitable price. "WE ARE NOT COSTS"
We are a Virtual reality center designed to experience games and experiences from the point of view of entertainment. It presents a recreational room of the future in which visitors can experience virtual simulations and participate in video games in the first person, cooperative, competitive, online, while the public experiences the potential of this new technology through virtual environments "with real appearance "that is, immersive experiences that create fascinating environments are transmitted.
Leisure, high levels of quality technology through the use of glasses such as Oculus Rrift, HTV VIVE, Asus PC and Simulators brought exclusively from the US, as well as comfort and exceptional service.
RECREATION AND LEISURE new, technological developments of virtual reality based on FEC (family entertainment center). We offer the public a virtual reality center where adults and children can enjoy different games and experiences, have fun and experience different sensations.


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closed we will open the first of July in new location


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